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NBU Publishes Third Annual Report on Financial Stability Board Activities

NBU Publishes Third Annual Report on Financial Stability Board Activities

The National Bank of Ukraine (the NBU) has published the latest annual report on the activities of the Financial Stability Board (the Board). The report covers the period from June 2017 to July 2018.

In the course of its meetings over this period, the Board stressed on multiple occasions that a key threat to financial stability is, currently, a delay in resuming cooperation with the IMF. Implementation of structural reforms that are envisaged by the program of cooperation with the IMF is of great significance for ensuring macrofinancial stability and access to financing from other international donors.

Furthermore, the Board’s meetings over this period included the discussion of ways to strengthen cooperation between the government and the NBU aimed at ensuring price stability and sound fiscal policy, which is an important prerequisite for preserving financial stability in the long run. The Board focused on the most problematic issues of coordination of policies between the Ministry of Finance and the NBU, primarily regarding the improvement of forecasting of dynamics of STA balances. A related issue of the implementation of full-scale mid-term budget planning at central and local levels was also a part of the discussion.

In addition, a consensus on the further strategy of state-owned banks was reached; possible ways of settling the issue of non-performing loans on the balance sheets of state-owned banks were considered; the concept and the financial model of development of the capital markets infrastructure were approved; special attention was given to the issue of legal regulation of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine; the roadmap of actions to regulate insolvency, as proposed by DGF, was approved.

In order to maintain the speed of reforms that started in 2014–2015, the Board has repeatedly called on relevant public authorities for support and approval of the necessary legislation. In particular, it was about the new currency laws, documents aimed at strengthening the protection of creditors’ rights and resumption of lending, and implementation of mid-term budget planning to strengthen the sustainability of public finances.

For reference: The Financial Stability Board was established by a Presidential Decree in March 2015. The Board comprises the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine (co-chairs of the Board), Head of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, Head of the National Financial Services Commission, Managing Director of the Deposit Guarantee Fund, First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, and Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine. The Board provides a forum for professional discussion of risks posing a threat to the country’s financial stability. The Board has held two meetings in 2018. The next meeting is scheduled for October 2018.

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