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Commemorative Banknote "Unity Saves the World": Tribute to Unity of the Democratic World in the Face of the Russian Aggression
Commemorative Banknote "Unity Saves the World": Tribute to Unity of the Democratic World in the Face of the Russian Aggression (2)
Commemorative Banknote "Unity Saves the World": Tribute to Unity of the Democratic World in the Face of the Russian Aggression (3)

Commemorative Banknote "Unity Saves the World": Tribute to Unity of the Democratic World in the Face of the Russian Aggression

On 23 February 2024, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) issues a new commemorative banknote entitled "Unity Saves the World".

This is the second commemorative banknote issued by the NBU since the start of the russian full-scale invasion. The banknote commemorates invincibility of the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and European values, consolidation of the Ukrainian society to defend its territorial integrity, as well as unity of the democratic world in the face of the russian aggression.

"Over the past two years, we have repeatedly witnessed the huge extent of the effect that the war unleashed by russia against Ukraine has on the entire world. There is no other way to restore global security and stability and guarantee freedom for the future except through united efforts to ensure Ukraine's victory. Since the threat is not limited to the territory of our country. And going forward, overcoming it increasingly depends on the unity of all. Our new banknote is a symbol of the gratitude to the world for involvement. We are proud of out partners and we believe in the power of their unity that is also getting stronger," said Andriy Pyshnyy, NBU Governor. 

About the banknote

This commemorative banknote is issued into circulation on 23 February 2024.

The banknote has the series EC, with serial numbers from 0000001 to 0300000. It also bears the signature of Andriy Pyshnyy, Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine.

It is legal tender in Ukraine and shall be accepted for all payments at its face value by all individuals and legal entities, without any limitations, across Ukraine.

At the same time, its issue numbers are limited to 300,000 banknotes (in souvenir packaging), which makes it a collectible piece.

The commemorative banknotes will be available for purchase at the NBU’s online numismatic store as of 7 March 2024. Overall, the NBU plans to sell 150,000 of these commemorative banknotes, with 15,000 of them being available from the day they go on sale. 

In addition, these banknotes will be gradually sold by distributing banks (UKRGASBANK JSB, RADABANK JSB, TASCOMBANK JSC, and CB PRIVATBANK JSC), as they are delivered from the NBU’s Printing and Minting Works. You can find more details about the starting date of sale and points of sale on the official websites of the distributing banks.

Security features

This commemorative banknote has all the security features that are incorporated in the existing family of Ukrainian banknotes. These are: a multi-tone watermark, a fully embedded security, a see-through register, OVI and SPARK features, relief features, in particular a feature for the partially sighted, microlettering, as well as UV, infrared and magnetic features.

The banknote also has a feature made with iridescent paint that has a mother-of-pearl effect.

Banknote dimensions are 80х165 mm.

Banknote design

Unity Saves the World is a vertical banknote that has a bright and expressive design.

On the front of the note, there is a centrally positioned artistic composition that depicts a stylized outline of Ukraine, reminiscent of a heart with veins approaching it. Background image features the depiction of a girl wearing a military helmet, gazing towards the West. 

In the lower part, against the backdrop of the Earth, there is a stylized depiction of Europe, from which veins-like routes of aid and support extend towards Ukraine. Stylized hearts placed among the vein-like routes symbolize sacrifice and compassion. 

At the top, in the center, there is a watermark. To the right of the watermark field, there is a diagonal element – a stylized chevron of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a special relief feature in the form of a circle for the partially sighted. To the left of the watermark field, there is the legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine) and an image of Ukraine's small coat of arms. Below the watermark field on both sides, there is a stylized composition of filled and outlined squares (the central squares indicate the denomination of the commemorative banknote), a semi-transparent strip filled with outlines of the National Bank of Ukraine logo. 

Under the strip in the center of the commemorative banknote, there is a legend ЄДНІСТЬ РЯТУЄ СВІТ (Unity Saves the World), a vertical inscription НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine), the signature of the NBU Governor, and the word ГОЛОВА (Governor) in the bottom left; the legend П’ЯТДЕСЯТ ГРИВЕНЬ (fifty hryvnias) in the central bottom; as well as two texts (left and right) in Ukrainian and English: 

  • "Єдність і солідарність з українським народом наближають перемогу України в боротьбі проти російського агресора та рятують світ від хаосу та мороку насилля" 
  • Unity and solidarity with the Ukrainian people are bringing closer Ukraine’s victory in the fight against the Russian aggressor, and are saving the world  from the chaos and darkness of violence.

The numerical indication of the denomination is horizontal in the lower right part of commemorative banknote. 

The main image on the back of the commemorative banknote is a symbolic composition of joined hands that stands for cooperation, mutual assistance, trust, and partnership. It is placed against the backdrop of the stylized trident, the symbol of Ukrainian state.  

In the upper part of the commemorative banknote, there is a stylized depiction of the numeric denomination created by guilloche pattern. The legend П’ЯТДЕСЯТ/ГРИВЕНЬ (fifty hryvnias) is arranged vertically in the upper right part of the banknote and horizontally in the central bottom. The banknote’s face value 50 is placed horizontally in the upper right part of the banknote and vertically (together with the graphic symbol of the hryvnia) in the bottom left. 

At the upper part of the commemorative banknote there is the legend ЄДНІСТЬ – СИЛА! (Unity is Strength!). Issue year, 2024, is indicated in the bottom of the commemorative banknote. 

The serial number is printed twice. The serial number printed horizontally (with different digit heights) runs along the upper side of the commemorative banknote in red ink, the vertical serial number – in black ink.

This banknote was designed by Ukraine’s Honored Artist Volodymyr Taran.

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