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REBUTTAL OF MISLEADING INFORMATION: Information on the write-off of funds of the Dynamo Football Club during the state's accession to PrivatBank's capital has no substance

Information that was recently spread by a number of media regarding allegedly forced cash write-off from FC Dynamo's accounts after nationalization of Privatbank has no substance.

In the course of the state's entry to PrivatBank's capital, no write-off of funds from the Dynamo Football Club's accounts took place.

The accounts of the Dynamo football club at Privatbank were not blocked.

Moreover, the Dynamo Football Club continues to receive banking services in Privatbank today.

It should be noted that all actions that were carried out during the privatization of Privatbank took place in full compliance with the current legislation, in particular with the Law of Ukraine On Households Deposit Guarantee System.

The NBU will use all legal means to protect national interests. We consider such provocative and false publications being the attempt to put pressure on public opinion.

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