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NBU Cancels Fees for BankID System Services until Martial Law Ends

NBU Cancels Fees for BankID System Services until Martial Law Ends

For the duration of martial law, the National Bank of Ukraine has abolished the fees for the services it provides through its BankID System. 

Specifically, the NBU will not charge subscribers (banks and commercial service providers) for connecting them to the system, maintaining their connection, and processing their transactions. The central bank has canceled these charges in order to ensure that the Ukrainian people have uninterrupted access to remote financial services and to speed up the operation of the NBU BankID System while martial law is in effect. 

Relevant changes were approved by NBU Board Resolution No. 49 On Amendments to Individual Tariffs on Services (Transactions) Provided (Executed) by the National Bank of Ukraine dated 12 March 2022.

"Under martial law, it is vital that we provide the people of Ukraine with the ability to receive government and banking services remotely. We understand the importance of the NBU Bank ID System’s uninterrupted operation. We are trying as best we can to simplify the conditions for all subscribers. Among other things, the temporary waiving of the fees for NBU services will reduce subscribers’ costs and simplify settlements," said Olha Vasylieva, Deputy Director of the Payment Systems and Innovations Department. 

Reinstatement of subscriber fees for NBU BankID System services will be announced in a separate press release. 

Inter-subscriber charges that commercial service-providing subscribers pay to identifier banks for each successful electronic identification continue to apply.For other NBU measures regarding the operation of the banking system under martial law, please follow the link.

For reference

The NBU BankID System is a public system for remote identification that individuals can use to easily and securely access online government, financial, and commercial services.

The NBU BankID System currently has 141 subscribers: 41 identifier banks and 100 service providers.


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