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Registration Underway for Nonbank Financial Institutions Willing to Participate in Test Filing of Reporting Forms with NBU

The NBU is preparing to test its uniform reporting procedure for nonbank financial institutions as part of the Split project. During the test run, these entities will draw up their reports in a standardized format and file them with the NBU.

The volume of reporting, the frequency of the fillings, and the number of reporting measures will be in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and existing financial market regulations, and will not change till the end of 2020. The test filing of reporting forms should help companies adapt more quickly to changes in the format of submitted data.

Reporting forms will be filed through the special website of the NBU – (hereinafter – the web portal) – which companies can access after they have completed registration.

Until 28 February 2020, the NBU will collect relevant data about nonbank financial institutions for registration on the web portal. Every nonbank financial institution should mail a letter to the NBU Statistics and Reporting Department, using the template available on the NBU website (template). The letter must be signed by the institution’s director and must bear a legal entity seal (if available). For expedited registration, a scan of the letter can be sent to [email protected] in addition to the mailed hard copy.

Starting 1 March 2020, registered companies will be able to file their reporting forms with the NBU in test mode. To that end, the NBU will post on its website a register of test reporting indicators, XSD diagrams to compile reporting files in XML format, as well as detailed instructions. The register will be gradually filled with reporting files, which nonbank financial institutions have been submitting to the National Commission for the State Regulation of Financial Services Markets.

From 1 June 2020 onward, the NBU will upload to the website a complete register of reporting measures for nonbank financial institutions, along with XSD diagrams with which to compile reporting files in XML format.

Starting 1 July 2020, nonbank financial institutions will only report to the NBU via the web portal in accordance with said register of reporting indicators, including the reporting forms for Q2 2020.

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