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Almost UAH 2.2 Billion Transferred for Needs of Defense from Special Account Opened by NBU and UAH 224 million Received therein in July

Almost UAH 2.2 Billion Transferred for Needs of Defense from Special Account Opened by NBU and UAH 224 million Received therein in July

This is the NBU’s update on the balances in the special account for those wishing to support the defense forces and the Ministry of Social Policy’s account designated for humanitarian needs.

Special account for the needs of defense 

As of 1 August 2023, the balance in the special fundraising account the NBU opened to support the defense forces on 24 February 2022 makes over UAH 900 million. Last month, over UAH 224 million was received in the special account.

Nearly UAH 28.9 billion was received in the special account since russia launched the full-scale war.

Money has been coming in from individuals and businesses of Ukraine and from all over the international community (including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, France, Canada, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, and many other countries).

That includes the equivalent of more than UAH 10.8 billion that has been remitted from abroad in foreign currencies (U.S. dollars, euros, GB pounds, Canadian dollars, Chinese renminbi, Japanese yen, Swiss francs, Polish zlotys, Australian dollars).

Overall, since the start of the full-scale war, the NBU has allocated over UAH 28 billion (almost UAH 2.2 billion in July) to meet the needs of the defense, in particular:

  • over UAH 1,408 million for the National Guard of Ukraine
  • UAH 1,650 million for the National Police of Ukraine
  • over UAH 18,030 million for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (UAH 1,004 million as of 3 July 2023, UAH 1,013 million as of 11 July 2023)
  • UAH 980.2 million for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine


  • over UAH 5,316 million for the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine  (UAH 31.6 million on 13 July 2023; UAH 62.1 million on 25 July 2023)
  • a total of UAH 114.7 million for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (UAH  39.8 million on 12 July 2023)
  • UAH 40.5 million for the NSDC of Ukraine
  • over UAH 207.5 million for the State Special Transport Service (UAH 20.8 million as of 14 July 2023)
  • over UAH 318.2 million for the Security Service of Ukraine.

Donations for the defense needs can be made by either bank transfer or by card, please follow the link.

Special account for humanitarian needs

As of 1 August 2023,  the balance on the special account  of the Ministry of Social Policy the NBU opened for humanitarian aid is almost UAH 106 million. Over UAH 7.4 million was remitted to the account for humanitarian aid in July. About half of the amount donated has come into this account from outside Ukraine in foreign currencies (U.S. dollars, euros, GB pounds).

The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, which is both the recipient and administrator of the funds credited to this account, has already transferred over UAH 845 million for humanitarian aid to the victims of russia’s armed aggression.

Please be reminded that to donate funds to help the victims of this war, you can use the payment details or a template for the card payment available here:  

For reference

Information on the special accounts is updated daily on the NBU’s website.


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