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Swedish Government Transfers SEK 577.7 million to Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Swedish Government Transfers SEK 577.7 million to Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine has received SEK 577.7 million (equivalent to almost UAH 1.7 billion) from the Swedish government to the special account opened to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The transaction took place on 6 July 2022. This was the second time the government of Sweden transferred funds to the NBU’s special account: the central bank of Ukraine already received SEK 500 million (equivalent to more than UAH 1.5 billion) on 3 March. It was one of the first large amounts received in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Swedish kronor in a single payment since the start of the russian invasion.

“We are extremely grateful to the Swedish government for its donations aimed to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For the fifth month straight, Ukrainian servicepeople have been not only bravely fighting back the russian aggressor’s attacks on territorial integrity of our country, but also defending democratic values of the whole civilized world. So our unity is crucial,” said NBU Governor Kyrylo Shevchenko.

Overall, as of 12 July, an equivalent of over UAH 19.7 billion has been wired into the special account since it was opened. That includes the equivalent of UAH 7.1 billion that has been remitted from abroad in foreign currencies (U.S. dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Canadian dollars, Chinese renminbi, Japanese yens, Swiss francs, Polish zlotys, and Australian dollars). Money has been coming in from individuals and businesses of Ukraine and from all over the international community (including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, France, Canada, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, and many other countries). It is worth noting that donations to support the Ukrainian Army can be made by either bank transfer or by card.

As a reminder, the NBU issued into circulation “In Unity, Strength” commemorative coins on 11 July 2022. These coins celebrate the national unity of Ukrainians in their fight against the russian aggression, and the international support that the entire world is giving Ukraine. The reverse of these coins shows a stylized composition of colored flags of the 15 countries that are providing Ukraine with comprehensive assistance in fighting the russian aggression, Sweden being one of them.

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