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New Circulation Commemorative Coin – the State Special Transport Service – to be Issued into Circulation
New Circulation Commemorative Coin – the State Special Transport Service – to be Issued into Circulation (2)

New Circulation Commemorative Coin – the State Special Transport Service – to be Issued into Circulation

On 29 May 2024, the NBU presented a new circulation commemorative coin entitled “The State Special Transport Service.”

This coin celebrates the State Special Transport Service, a military formation that is part of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, and that ensures the stability of the country’s transport system. The current task of Transport Service personnel is not only to ensure the smooth operation of transport in the rear, but also to demine de-occupied territories, build fortifications, protect critical infrastructure, and to restore it.

The new coin was presented by Oleksii Shaban, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, and Brigadier General Oleksandr Yakovets, Head of the Administration of the State Special Transport Service. The presentation was also attended by the service’s servicemen – Major Volodymyr Luhovskyi, head of the training department of military unit T0950, and Lieutenant Ivan Nezhuta, deputy commander of the underwater demining company and lecturer at the 8th Chernihiv Training Center.

“We are dedicating a new commemorative coin to the servicemen of the State Special Transport Service,” said Shaban. “Every day, it will be in circulation and will be in the hands of millions of Ukrainians. We consider it an honor to express our gratitude and respect for the Ukrainian military personnel who guard national security and protect Ukraine’s transportation infrastructure in this way, in a circulation commemorative coin. In addition to building defensive fortifications and protecting Ukraine’s transport infrastructure, the service’s personnel are among the first to enter territories liberated in battle, restoring transport infrastructure destroyed by the enemy to ensure the further advance of the Armed Forces: they defuse explosive devices, build new roads and bridges, and construct unique pontoon crossings.”

“The issue of the State Special Transport Service commemorative coin is an important event for all of us,” said Yakovets. “The minting of this coin memorializes the professionalism and bravery of our soldiers, who are defending our country from Kremlin invaders and restoring and rebuilding our transport infrastructure, clearing our lands of enemy steel, and bringing our common victory closer. This is a tribute to those of our heroes who have laid down the most precious thing – their lives – for the freedom and independence of Ukraine. This is our gratitude to all those who defend our motherland Ukraine and to all those who are helping bring our victory closer.”

Coin Design

The obverse of the coin is identical to the obverse of the 10-hryvnia circulation coin designed in 2018, featuring in the center, surrounded by an Old Rus ornament, the coin’s face value, issue year, and Ukraine’s coat of arms.

The reverse of the coin bears the following circular legends: ДЕРЖАВНА СПЕЦІАЛЬНА СЛУЖБА ТРАНСПОРТУ (STATE SPECIAL TRANSPORT SERVICE) and the slogan of Transport Service servicemen – НЕЗЛАМНІ ДУХОМ ВІДНОВЛЯТЬ УКРАЇНУ! (UNBROKEN IN SPIRIT WILL RESTORE UKRAINE!) The center of the composition depicts the emblem of the Transport Service in relief, and a schematic bridge that symbolizes Ukraine’s transport infrastructure.

Like all other Ukrainian circulation coins, this coin must be accepted at its face value for settling all cash payments and for crediting accounts.

The coin’s circulation and sales

The NBU will gradually supply banks and CIT companies with these coins for the coins to be issued to their clients. These coins will be accepted from clients like ordinary circulation coins at their 10-hryvnia face value.

Gradually, the NBU will issue about 10 million of such circulation commemorative coins into circulation.

However, some of these coins will be made into specially-designed rolls. Each roll will contain 25 circulation commemorative coins. Each roll will be packed into specially designed souvenir packaging, featuring the emblem of the State Special Transport Service and a schematic image of a bridge that symbolizes the transport infrastructure of Ukraine. The issue numbers of the rolls are 20,000 units.

The NBU will start selling the rolls from 30 May 2024 through its online numismatic store.

More of these coins will be sold by distributing banks (the list of these banks can be found on the NBU’s official website), as they are delivered from the NBU’s Banknote Printing and Minting Works. You can find more details about the starting date of sales and points of sale on the official websites of the distributing banks.


The NBU issued this coin into circulation on 29 May 2024.

This 10-hryvnia coin is made of a nickel-electroplated zinc-based alloy. It has a weight of 6.4 g, a diameter of 23.5 mm, and a mintage of 10,000,000 units (including 510,000 units as souvenir products). The coin’s edge is grooved.

The coin’s reverse was designed by Tetiana Baluta. The engraver is Anatolii Demianenko.


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