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NBU Launches Brave Hryvnia Campaign

NBU Launches Brave Hryvnia Campaign

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) launched a charity campaign Brave Hryvnia. In the following three months coins of 10 and 50 kopiikas and 1, 2, 5, and 10 hryvnias will be collected throughout Ukraine. The funds raised will be transferred to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

One of the NBU priorities since the beginning of full-scale war is raising fund for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On 24 February, the NBU opened a special multi-currency account to help Ukrainian defenders. Money has been coming in from people and businesses in Ukraine, and from the international community. In five months since the beginning of the full-scale war, over UAH 20 billion were transferred to the account. However the war goes on, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine require support as during the first days of war. 

At present, over 14 billion coins of UAH 5 billion are in circulation. The majority of small-denomination coins, including 10 kopiilas (28.5% of all coins in circulation) and 50 kopiikas (9.3%) are often not used for cash payments and are kept in piggy banks or pockets. At the same time these funds could serve Ukrainian defenders in fighting off the russian occupants.

“Ukraine has been putting up fierce resistance to the enemy. Everyone is contributing to our victory, some on the front line with arms, others – in the rear providing assistance to our warriors. The Brave Hryvnia campaign is a good opportunity to make a contribution to our victory, even if it’s just 10 kopiikas. Coin collections points will be open from 1 August to 31 October 2022 in branches of authorized banks, Oschadbank and FUIB. Give up your coins, and we will give them to our defenders,” said Oleksii SHABAN, Deputy Governor National Bank of Ukraine.

So, from 1 August to 31 October 2022 everyone can join the campaign, collect and bring their coins to offices of Oschadbank JSC and FUIB JSC not only in Kyiv, but almost in all regions, where said banks operate and with consideration of safety concerns. Coins may be collected within a community of a certain district, residential area, at work, and other communities. When joining efforts Ukrainians are capable of miracles and lend a hand to the Ukrainian army.

“Oschadbank did not hesitate to joint the the NBU’s initiative Brave Hryvnia to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We are experienced in holding large campaign, like the last year’s campaign Coins for Kids, when school students brought to our offices 25-kopiika coins to help cancer kids. The title of this campaign Brave Hryvnia is very symbolic. Bravery for the feature of Ukraine and Ukrainians that bring our victory closer, and everyone should de everything possible to make this happen. Each contributions is valuable,” noted Anton Tiutiun, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Oschadbank JSC.

“FUIB joined the Brave Hryvnia campaign, because bravery helps us to stay strong in time of war. As of today, coins become yet another joint weapon. We welcome everyone willing to give up coins for the needs of Ukrainian service officers in bank offices all over the country. Please go to our web-site to find the map of servicing offices. Small number of coins can be deposited to a charity box, coins will be collected throughout the day as the box is filled. Big number of coins can be deposited in banks cash desks free of commission to be further transferred to the NBU’s special account. Together we make a secure rear for our defenders. Make your contribution to our victory!” said  Andrii Bodian, Director of FUIB Cash Collection and Circulation Department.

So be brave and donate your coins to banks and the NBU together with partners will relay your bravery to Ukrainian warriors.

Partner banks: OSCHADBANK and FUIB. 

Please find addresses of offices for giving up coins as well as details on the campaign on Brave Hryvnia website.

Media sponsors: Foxtrot, Epicentr.

Creative partner: Banda Creative Agency.

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Please note that UAH 5 billion is about 70 state-of-the art unmanned combat aerial vehicles BAYRAKTAR or 25 light multiple rocket launchers  HIMARS or 50 battle tanks T-90 or 150 infantry fighting vehicles.


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