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Best Coins of 2018 Have Been Selected

Best Coins of 2018 Have Been Selected

 Coin set The Centenary of the Establishment of Ukraine’s Academy of Sciences: The Time of Peace, The Time of Changes, The Time of Technologies, The Human, Time, Space (silver, face value UAH 5 of each coin) won the annual Best Coin of the Year Competition for 2018 in the Best Coin of the Year and the Best Explored Theme categories. 

The designers of all of the winning coins are Volodymyr Taran, Oleksandr Kharuk, and Serhii Kharuk.

The coin engravers are:

  • Anatolii Demianenko – for The Time of Peace and The Time of Changes
  • Volodymyr Demianenko – for The Time of Technologies 
  • Volodymyr Atamanchuk – for The Human, Time, Space.
  • Vitalii Andriianov is the author of the computer-aided design.

The Best Coin of the Year Competition has been held annually since 2015 and consists of two stages.

The first stage of the Competition took place between 1 February and 1 April 2019. More than four thousand people voted in the Competition.

During the second stage, members of the special commission chose the best coin of 2018 through secret ballot. 

This year, the winning coins were selected from the competition finalists by representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine, the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art, Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Art, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture.

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