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NBU Approves Additional Measures to Support Stability of Banking System

The NBU has expanded the range of temporary easings for banks/banking groups as regards application of NBU regulations.  In particular, specifics of the following processes were clarified: 

  • factoring the minimum amount of operational risk in calculating the capital adequacy ratios
  • applying a simplified approach to measuring the credit exposure
  • updating the recovery plans of a bank/banking group and their submitting to the NBU
  • updating the intrabank/intragroup documents
  • the NBU’s control over implementation of capital increase/restructuring plans by banks following the resilience assessment conducted in 2021.

At the same time, in order to strengthen the credit support to the strategically important industries, the NBU eased the restrictions for banks to conduct asset transactions with related parties as regards providing guarantees/letters of credit. 

Said provisions were approved by NBU Board Resolution No. 80 On Amendments to Certain Regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine dated 22 April 2022 (UKR), that are effective from 22 April 2022.

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