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Euro to Hryvnia Exchange in Lithuania Nears End

Euro to Hryvnia Exchange in Lithuania Nears End

5 December 2022 is the last day when Ukrainians in Lithuania can exchange cash hryvnias for euros.

The cash hryvnia to euro exchange program in Lithuania was launched on the basis of an agreement between the NBU and the Bank of Lithuania.

The program provided the cash hryvnia to euros exchange capability in Lithuanian banks to Ukrainians who had left Ukraine for Lithuania as they fled the war and stayed there in order to meet daily needs.

The exchange program shall be terminated due to significant decrease in numbers and amounts of such exchange transactions in contrast with the beginning of the program.

In general, as of 29 November 2022, during agreement period, Ukrainians in Lithuania exchanged over UAH 400,000.

The exchange programs have already ended in Poland (9 September 2022), Germany (30 October 2022), Sweden (13 November 2022) and Switzerland (25 November 2022).

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