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Talavera Oleksandr

Professor at University of Birmingham

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Research interests

Financial economics and banking,
Applied econometrics and big data,
Economic development
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Selected Publications


  • Arias, J., Talavera, O., Tsapin, A. (2022). Bank liquidity and exposure to industry shocks: Evidence from Ukraine. Emerging Markets Review, 100942. (In Press).
  • Faryna, O., Pham, T., Talavera, O., Tsapin, A. (2022). Wage and Unemployment: Evidence from Online Job Vacancy Data. Journal of Comparative Economics, 50(1), 52-70.
  • Pham, T., Talavera, O., Tsapin, A. (2021). Shock Contagion, Asset Quality and Lending Behaviour: The Case of War in Eastern Ukraine. Kyklos, 74(2), 243-269.
  • Gorodnichenko, Y., Sheremirov, V., Talavera, O. (2018). The Responses of Internet Retail Prices to Aggregate Shocks: A High-Frequency Approach. Economics Letters, 164, 124–127.
  • Kuzman, T., Talavera, O., Bellos, S. (2018). Politically Induced Board Turnover, Ownership Arrangements, and Performance of SOEs: Is There a Connection? Corporate Governance: An International Review, 26(3), 160–179.
  • Pham, T., Talavera, O., Zhang, M. (2018). Self-Employment, Financial Development and Well-Being: Evidence from China, Russia, and Ukraine. Journal of Comparative Economics, 46(3), 754–769.


Working Papers