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Lepetyuk Vadym

Chief Expert, Modeling Unit, Monetary Policy and Economic Analysis Department

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Research interests

Macroeconomics, Monetary economics, International Finance, Computational economics
Selected Publications


Lepetyuk, V., Maliar, L., Maliar, S. (2020). When the U.S. Catches a Cold, Canada Sneezes: A Lower-Bound Tale Told by Deep Learning. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 117, 103926. materials.

Dorich, J., St-Pierre, N. L., Lepetyuk, V., Mendes, R. R. (2018). Could a Higher Inflation Target Eenhance Macroeconomic Stability? Canadian Journal of Economics, 51(3), 1029-1055.

Lepetyuk, V., Stoltenberg, C. A. (2013). Policy Announcements and Welfare. Economic Journal, 123 (571), 962-997.