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Cash Circulation Department
Director: Viktor Zaivenko

Tel.: +380 44 230 16 74

Main Functions:
  • implementating a single state policy on cash circulation, cash and issuance operations in domestic currency, ensuring economy’s demand for cash
  • methodological support of performance of cash transactions by banks and nonbank financial institutions, organizing cash collection and transportation of currency valuables, ensuring safe-keeping of currency valuables, organizing of issuance operations in the NBU, requirements to technical condition and organizing guarding of premises of banks and nonbank institutions, conduct of cash operations by economic entities, operations with commemorative and investment coins of Ukraine and souvenir products, defining criteria of worn-out banknotes for performance of operations on acceptance of foreign banknotes, defining  fitness for use and exchange, procedure for organization of design and production of the domestic currency of Ukraine.
  • developing and implementing modern technologies and automation of cash and valuables transactions, organizing the work on design and system of protection against counterfeiting the domestic currency units, organizing withdrawal from circulation and performing research and analysis of counterfeits
  • organizing issuance into circulation and withdrawal of banknotes, small and circulating coins, design, issuance, and distribution in Ukraine and abroad of commemorative and investment coins and souvenir products of Ukraine, including through the NBU’s participation in numismatic contests and exhibitions.