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NBU Central Vault
Director: Vitalii Bryk

Tel.: +38 044 531 10 10

Main Functions:
  • ensuring safekeeping of valuables
  • administration of issuance and cash operations
  • ensuring receipt, safekeeping, processing, and handing out of banknotes and coins fit for circulation, commemorative and investment coins, other valuables, keeping records of the reserve stock of banknotes and coins in domestic currency, reserve stock of cash, commemorative and investment coins, other valuables, conducting automated processing of cash, studying the doubtful banknotes (coins) in domestic currency
  • organizing transportation of valuables (valuable (special) cargoes, currency valuables) between the NBU Central Vault, regional divisions (offices) for cash circulation of the Cash Circulation Department, Operational Department, Banknote Printing and Minting Works, State Treasury of Ukraine, Central Vault of precious metals and stones of Ukraine, and the banks of Ukraine.