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NBU Central Vault
Director: Vitalii Bryk

Tel.: +38 044 546 73 68

Main Functions:
  • organizing and ensuring storage, safe-keeping of the NBU emergency funds (including strategic stock), reserves of cash and other valuables in the vaults of the Central Vault, cash handling offices, compliance with the terms and conditions of their storage
  • administration of issuance and cash operations
  • ensuring acceptance, processing of the fit and unfit cash at the automated systems and in the cash units of manual recalculation, performing control over the processing quality and fullness of cash insertion, its storage and disposal, conducting study of the domestic currency units regarding its authenticity and fitness for commerce; issuance of fit banknotes into circulation
  • accounting of the NBU emergency funds of banknotes and coins of the domestic currency, cash stocks, transactions with commemorative and investment coins, souvenir and accompanying products, cash and valuables in a cash handling offices
  • ensuring control over quality of production and correctness of formation of the banknotes and coins received from the Banknote Printing and Minting Works
  • organizing transportation of valuables (valuable (special) cargoes, currency valuables) between the NBU Central Vault, regional divisions (offices) for cash circulation of the Cash Circulation Department, Operational Department, Banknote Printing and Minting Works, Banknote Paper Mill, State Treasury of Ukraine, Central Vault of precious metals and stones of Ukraine, Ukrainian banks and enterprises (institutions, organizations) irrespective of their ownership type.