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Office for Financial Services Consumer Rights Protection
Head of Office: Olha Lobaichuk

Tel.: +380 44 527 37 82
e-mail: [email protected]

Main Functions:
  • development and improvement of the NBU’s methodological base and regulations on the following issues:
  • performing supervision and protection of rights of consumers of financial services provided by banks, other financial institutions, and entities other than financial institutions that are licensed to provide certain financial services, provide intermediary services in financial services markets, including credit intermediaries, and which are regulated and supervised by the NBU (hereinafter referred to as financial services market participants)
  • addressing requests and personal reception of citizens at the NBU, ensuring the access to the NBU’s public information and organizing work with public information at the NBU
  • ensuring the participation of creditors, new creditors, and collection agencies in the past due debt resolution actions, setting the requirements to them, and supervision over their operation within the Office’s remit.
  • supervision over compliance by banks and other financial services market participants with the requirements of the Ukrainian law on protection of consumer rights in financial services, including the requirements to the interaction with consumers when resolving their past due debt, and control over compliance with the Ukrainian law on advertising (as regards the financial services)
  • addressing requests, analysing them and responding to consumers of financial services, including on requests regarding the violation of requirements to the interaction with consumers when resolving their past due debt; taking decisions based on the requests consideration within the Office’s remit; addressing requests on the access to public information of citizens and legal entities/associations of citizens without legal entity status on issues of activities of the financial services market participants; addressing complaints and applications from lawers acting on behalf of individuals and legal entities.