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Risk Management Department
Main Functions:
  • organizing the risk management system in the NBU, developing and improving the NBU’s risk management policy, methods, and procedures
  • provisioning to cover financial risks associated with the impairment of assets held by the NBU
  • determining the fair value of financial instruments in the cases provided for in NBU regulations and administrative acts
  • methodological support and monitoring of the internal control system in the NBU
  • ensuring operational risk management
  • organizing and coordinating the NBU’s business continuity
  • determining fair value of collaterals that secure the NBU’s collateral agreements or are offered as collateral to the NBU, or when pledged property is transferred into the NBU’s ownership, verification of reports of the appraising agencies, selective monitoring of the property pledged to the NBU as security against loans provided by the NBU, offered as collateral to the NBU, as well as property regarding which the NBU acquires the property right as the pledgee.