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Security Department
Director: Ihor Konovalov

Tel.: +380 44 521 88 78

Main Functions:
  • organizing, implementing, coordinating, and controlling measures related to prevention, detection, and discontinuation of offences in the NBU (except for corruption or corruption-related offences)
  • organizing, conducting, coordinating, and controlling measures related to protection of the NBU’s premises and valuables, as well as special cargoes, and mobilization training and civil protection in the NBU
  • participating in implementation of measures to ensure the NBU’s personnel-related, financial and economic security
  • developing and implementing the NBU information security policy
  • organizing and coordinating the works on development of the information security technologies and systems, introduction of the up-to-date information protection methods into the NBU information infrastructure and the banking system of Ukraine for the high-quality and timely fulfilment of the functions assigned to the NBU; information security risk management 
  • organizing cybersecurity in banking system of Ukraine and in the area of fund transfers
  • ensuring implementation by the NBU of the function of state regulation in the sphere of electronic trust services in the banking system of Ukraine according to the Ukrainian legislation.