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Strategy and Development Department
Director: Arsen Makarchuk


Main Functions:
  • conducting strategic analysis, developing NBU strategy, strategic programs, plans for the NBU development and the financial sector, including the banking system of Ukraine, in particular, organizing the information and analytics support for the Work Group (Committee) on Financial Development at the Financial Stability Council of Ukraine
  •  support of implementation of strategy, strategical programs and projects of the NBU and financial sector, including in the Ukrainian banking system; participation in organization, coordination and monitoring of the NBU operating planning, implementation of action plans and preparing performance reports
  •  assistance in the NBU managerial decision-making on introducing strategic changes, NBU transformation, development of the financial sector, including the banking system of Ukraine, planning the NBU operation, and project management in the NBU, implementation of supervisory technologies and assistance in development of regulatory technologies
  • conducting business analysis, including identifying stakeholders for collecting and analyzing functional requirements for change management, drawing up business/functional requirements and terms of reference for process automation, agreeing the aforesaid with the customer and the developer at all implementation stages, support of software solution testing
  • introducing the NBU process management system and process management culture, assessing effectiveness of NBU processes, devising measures for optimizing the NBU processes
  • introducing supervisory technologies and support to development of regulatory technologies, project management and performance of business analysis functions in prudential supervision.