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Information on communications

Please consider the following:

  • All communications are verbal and held either at the premises of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) during working hours or via free video conferencing.
  • Communications are not consulting services.
  • Communications are not procedures provided for in the Laws of Ukraine On the Bar and Practice of Law, On the Citizens’ Appeals, and On the Access to Public Information.
  • The information provided for by NBU representatives during communication is for reference only and can be used by an applicant (potential applicant) at their own will and discretion to make a decision regarding further request to the NBU on issues discussed.
  • The information provided by the NBU during communications may change in view of amendments to laws and/or NBU's review of its position regarding such information.
  • Communications do not influence the outcome of the assessment of documents submitted by an applicant (potential applicant) under procedures according to Ukrainian law.
  • Communications are not and cannot be treated as any procedures under Ukrainian law, or their alternatives, and in any case, do not influence the NBU application process established by Ukrainian law (for carrying out legal procedures and/or receiving any explanations).

The matter of communication may relate to the following:

a) certain aspects of current and/or planned activities of the entity and/or its related parties that require/may require certain actions under Ukrainian law in line with the respective NBU process

b) the set of documents prepared by the entity and/or a related party to be submitted to the NBU for initiating a legal procedure under Ukrainian law in line with the respective NBU process

c) the documents submitted to the NBU according to the procedure under the relevant NBU regulations that were returned by the NBU to be finalized or to be revised according to NBU comments, or whereof assessment was suspended by the NBU, for instance, for clarifying the circumstances that may influence the outcome of the application assessment

d) any other aspects related to the respective NBU process that affect/may affect the status and/or the entity’s and/or its related parties’ operations management.


When filling the communication form the entity (entity’s representative) consents to the processing of personal data, storage and verification of the received information and documents, and if the form contains personal data of other individuals, confirms the receipt of the consent of those individuals for processing of their personal data.