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Bohdan Danylyshyn Meets Michael Harms, Executive Director of German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations

On 21 September, Bohdan Danylyshyn, Chairman of the NBU Council, had a meeting with Michael Harms, Executive Director of German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, and Holger Kramer, Head of Economic Department at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine.

Mr Danylyshyn thanked the attendants for participating in the meeting and for discussing economic reform and ways to further develop cooperation between the NBU Council and the German Committee.

“The Council of the National Bank of Ukraine has recently approved the Monetary Policy Guidelines for 2018 and the Medium Term, which set forth the relevant quantitative and qualitative parameters of the NBU’s monetary policy. Given the importance of consistent monetary policy as a prerequisite for fostering trust in the hryvnia, the key policy components remained unchanged,” said Mr Danylyshyn.

During the meeting, Bohdan Danylyshyn emphasized the importance of developing economic cooperation between Ukraine and Germany. Mr Danylyshyn said that experience of German partners would prove useful for the Government of Ukraine and the NBU as they implement reforms initiated by the President of Ukraine to promote economic growth and investment. He also informed the guests of the NBU Council’s plans.

The meeting participants appreciated the great effort taken to prepare the Monetary Policy Guidelines, which comply with the best European examples, and efficient control over monetary policy implementation.

The meeting’s agenda also covered a number of current issues: particularly the macroeconomic situation in the country as well as the present and expected conditions in the banking sector. The attendants praised the role of the Ukrainian Government and the NBU in reforming the economy and developing the banking system in line with the up-to-date European approaches.

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