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NBU BankID System Becomes Easier to Learn About

Active development of the BankID remote identification system of the National Bank of Ukraine (hereinafter – the NBU BankID System) is one of the NBU’s priorities since a higher number of its subscribers – banks as well as nonbanks – means an easier access to financial services in Ukraine.

Today, the NBU is launching a webpage about the NBU BankID System, where all the necessary information is available to the system’s users and subscribers.     

All the current information about the NBU BankID System has been collected here: why it has been created, what advantages it offers to its users, what services the users can get, how subscribers can join the system, etc.

In general, the NBU is seeing considerable interest in the NBU BankID System from financial market participants, public sector, business community, and households.

Since the start of 2020 alone, seven banks and nine nonbank service providers have joined the system.

The number of transactions processed by the system keeps growing.  Over the first five months of 2020, the NBU BankID System processed nearly 1.5 million successful electronic identifications (compared with 300,000 identifications over the entire 2019).

Currently, the most popular service in the system is the mobile application ‘ДІЯ’ (“action”), as well as requests for administrative statements.

The NBU BankID System can soon be used for the remote opening of bank accounts.  To this end, visiting a bank office or a personal meeting with a bank agent will not be needed anymore.  Development of the NBU BankID System as one of the new ways of remote identification will make financial services more accessible in Ukraine.

Starting from 1 July 2020, a model of the system’s commercial use goes into operation to enable identificator banks to receive UAH 20 per successful user identification from subscribers that provide banking, financial, or commercial services. Administrative and public services are provided free of charge.  The system’s services will remain free of charge for the users.

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