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Attention: FAKE! Serhii Taruta Uses Lobbyists to Spread False Information about the US Congress Considering Work of Ukrainian Authorities and the NBU

Serhii Taruta spreads false information about an alleged hearing in the Congress of the United States of America dedicated to Ukrainian authorities and the NBU.

As far as the NBU is informed, the US Congress held no official hearing or meeting on the subjects indicated in Mr Taruta’s message either today or any other day. In reality, an informal meeting hosting less than 20 persons was held in a room taken on lease; the organizer and moderator was a representative of the lobbying company LibertyInternationalGroup, and the speakers were Mr Serhii Taruta and Mr Oleksandr Zavadetskyi, an NBU's former employee. No officials from the US Administration or Congress attended the events.

The NBU deems the information spread to undermine the country's global stature, success of the reforms, derail the Ukrainian banking system, and foul the NBU’s reputation in the eyes of international financial institutions.

We encourage media, experts and non-governmental organizations to address the source and clarify the information about the actual events in the course of Mr Taruta’s visit to the US , in particular, his alleged meetings and speeches at the US Congress and abstain from joining the political campaign of a single MP.

We also appeal to law enforcement agencies and the international community to provide the relevant legal interpretation of unprecedented lies spread by the MP and his attempts to use government bodies in other states to pursue his own interests.

Please be reminded that Mr Serhii Taruta made attempts to endanger the business reputation of the National Bank of Ukraine and its Governor, Ms Valeriia Gontareva.

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