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NBU Takes Part in International Numismatic Exhibition – 2024 World Money Fair
NBU Takes Part in International Numismatic Exhibition – 2024 World Money Fair (2)
NBU Takes Part in International Numismatic Exhibition – 2024 World Money Fair (3)
NBU Takes Part in International Numismatic Exhibition – 2024 World Money Fair (4)

NBU Takes Part in International Numismatic Exhibition – 2024 World Money Fair

The National Bank of Ukraine has resumed its participation in the World Money Fair – an annual international numismatic exhibition – by presenting to the global community a Ukrainian collection of more than 20 commemorative coins and medals that were issued in 2020–2023. The World Money Fair is a regular, and the largest, event that brings together global manufacturers of numismatic products and special equipment, wholesale and retail dealers and collectors, which has been held in Berlin (Germany) since 1972. The 2024 World Money Fair was held from 2 through 4 February 2024. It featured coins from over 50 countries. More than 13,500 people attended the event over the three days it was held.

This year, it was extremely important for the NBU to present its own collection of numismatic products to the world, including Ukrainian commemorative and circulation coins issued since the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

 "Now, the main task of our numismatic efforts is to honor the heroism of Ukrainian defenders, all those who are fighting off the russian invasion, and to engrave this historic moment and our courage," said NBU Governor Andriy Pyshnyy. "That is why we decided to resume our participation in this large-scale coin exhibition, to remind the world once again of the ongoing war, and of the heroism of Ukraine’s defenders, who defend democratic values and Ukraine’s European choice on the battlefield every day." 

"Our goal is to continue developing the World Money Fair into the most attractive numismatic marketplace in the world," stated Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, Managing Director of The World Money Fair team. "With the World Money Fair 2024, we have made significant strides towards this goal. We are grateful to all the participants who found the opportunity to take part in this year's event, in particular the National Bank of Ukraine, which, despite the ongoing war, was able to join and present modern Ukrainian numismatic products to our visitors."

The NBU’s exhibits at the 2024 World Money Fair clearly demonstrated both the high technological level and the original design of Ukrainian numismatic products, as well as the uniqueness of Ukraine’s cultural traditions and values. Commemorative coins marking the events of the russo-Ukrainian war, Ukraine’s cultural and spiritual heritage, architectural monuments and works of art provoked great interest among the visitors, in particular among those from Central and Eastern Asia, Central Europe, the United States, and Canada. Ukrainians who are now forced to live abroad because of the war were specifically interested in the NBU’s advertising stand.

"Our exhibits were highly appreciated by both professional participants and a wide range of visitors," said Yevhen Kondratenko, Head of the Numismatic Products and Cash Operations Office of the Cash Circulation Department, who, together with the NBU team, took part in the World Money Fair. "Over the course of three days, the NBU’s stand was viewed by thousands of people. We believe that we have managed to achieve our goal of popularizing our country, its history and its present, and of telling people about the drama and the atmosphere of war during which the coins presented at the exhibition were created in 2022–2023."

In addition, he said, such events allow for a deeper study of international experience and current trends in the production and distribution of numismatic products, and a better understanding of customer requests, while also providing new opportunities for production and international cooperation. 

During the exhibition, NBU experts held dozens of meetings with representatives of leading mints and national banks from around the world, including Poland (Mennica Polska S.A.), Lithuania (Lietuvos monetų kalykla), the United Kingdom (The Royal Mint), the Republic of Kazakhstan (RSE "Kazakhstan Mint of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan"), Kyrgyzstan (National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic), as well as with a number of private mints and dealers. They discussed modern technological approaches to the production of numismatic products and made plans for future cooperation.

The NBU also took part in the 2024 World Mints Passport program, which provided visitors with comprehensive information about each country participating in the program, and its monetary system, while also allowing visitors to assemble into a special booklet a collection of these countries’ circulation coins with the participant’s stamp. As part of this program, the NBU exhibited the 10-hryvnia circulation commemorative coin "Air Defenses – Ukraine’s Reliable Shield." This coin celebrates the heroic deeds of Ukrainian air defense troops, who every day selflessly defend Ukraine’s airspace. The coin depicts a Patriot launcher, which allowed Ukrainian defenders to create an effective air defense shield to protect Ukrainian cities from the russian aggressor’s missile terror attacks. After receiving one of these Ukrainian coins as a memento, the Managing Director of The World Money Fair Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel said, "I will carry the Patriot Coin with me in future as a lucky charm."

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