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NBU Presents Joint Ukrainian and Polish Set of Commemorative Coins
NBU Presents Joint Ukrainian and Polish Set of Commemorative Coins (2)

NBU Presents Joint Ukrainian and Polish Set of Commemorative Coins

On the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day, the central banks of Ukraine and Poland have jointly put into circulation the commemorative coins from the joint set Friendship and Brotherhood Are the Greatest Wealth. The joint Ukrainian and Polish set consists of two silver commemorative coins denominated UAH 10 and PLN 10 and is dedicated to the partnership between our countries.

NBU Governor Andriy Pyshnyy presented the set during the meeting with H.E. Bartosz Jan Cichocki, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to Ukraine.

"By introducing these symbolic and unique commemorative coins, we testify to the strong friendship between Ukraine and Poland. This friendship, which goes way back, has in this tragic time precisely reflected our brotherhood as the core essence of our two nations. After all, we understand, see, feel, and appreciate that the Ukrainian and Polish peoples are true friends and brothers, said Andriy Pyshnyy, Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine. "The coins are very expressive. In terms of shape, they are designed as two absolutely uniform halves that combine into one relatable heart shape. They have common denominations: 10 hryvnias and 10 zlotys. The halves depict two hosts sitting at the same table. They have been brought together by a common fate. They are sharing bread and a drink of wine from the same cup. As the saying goes, breaking bread together is sharing the same destiny.  And so it is. Ukrainians are forever grateful to the Polish people for their sincerity and invaluable help."

As a sign of the long-standing friendship between Ukraine and Poland as well as gratitude for supporting Ukraine during the full-scale war waged by russia, Andriy Pyshnyy presented one of the joint Ukrainian and Polish sets of commemorative coins to Bartosz Jan Cichocki. 

Coin Design 

The Ukrainian and Polish set of commemorative coins is the continuation of the series My Immortal Ukraine. The coins in the set are made of silver (Ag 999), with fine weight of 31.1 g (each). Decorated with pad printing (color printing), the coins form a set in the shape of a heart when put together. 

The obverse of the 10-hryvnia coin depicts in its upper part the trident (tryzub), which is Ukraine's small coat of arms, against the backdrop of the blue-and-yellow flag. In its lower part, it shows the denomination of the coin and the graphical symbol of the Ukrainian hryvnia against the background of the composition that represents the horrors of war.

The obverse of the 10-zloty coin depicts in its upper part an eagle, which is part of Poland’s official coat of arms, against the background of the white-and-red flag. In its lower part, it shows the denomination of the coin and the graphical symbol of the Polish zloty against the background of the composition that symbolizes help and support.

The obverse of coins shows the logo of the NBU Banknote Printing and Minting Works for coins sold by the National Bank of Ukraine and the logo of the Polish printing and minting works (Mennica Polska S.A.) for coins sold by Narodowy Bank Polski. 

The reverse of the coins depicts symbolic figures of a Ukrainian (10-hryvnia coin) and a Pole (10-zloty coin) who are sitting at one table covered with a tablecloth and sharing bread and wine. 

This is a symbolic composition, typical for traditional perceptions and customs of the neighboring Slavic peoples: to share the bread means to live in peace and harmony with each other and help in difficult situations. To break bread means to share your fate – the highest degree of affection and friendship. Sitting at the same table and drinking wine from the same cup means mutual love and respect. Drinking from one cup symbolizes unity and brotherhood. 

When two coins are put together, the ornament in the lower part forms a flower – a symbol of hope, life, and development. 

The reverse of the coins also contains semicircular legends: FRIENDSHIP AND BROTHERHOOD IS THE GREATEST WEALTH (10-hryvnia coin); PRZYJAŹŃ I BRATERSTWO TO NAJWIĘKSZE BOGACTWO (10-zloty coin).  

The coins were designed by Ukraine’s Honored Artist Volodymyr Taran. Engraver – Volodymyr Atamanchuk. 

Sale of Coins

The joint Ukrainian-Polish set of commemorative coins Friendship and Brotherhood is the Greatest Wealth will be sold in Ukraine and Poland.

In Ukraine, the set will be sold from 31 August 2023 through the NBU’s online numismatic store. Overall, 1,000 sets will be sold through the online store. All the sets will be available from the first day of sale. 

In addition, starting in September, the set will be also sold by in distributing banks (UKRGASBANK JSB, RADABANK JSB, TASCOMBANK JSC, and CB PRIVATBANK JSC) as they are delivered from the NBU’s Banknote Printing and Minting Works. You can find more details about the starting date of sale and points of sale on the official websites of the distributing banks.

In Poland, the set will be available for purchasing at the cash desks of regional branches of Narodowy Bank Polski and from the Kolekcjoner online store. Narodowy Bank Polski intends to transfer the proceeds from sales of this set to Ukraine as irreversible humanitarian financial aid. 

The set has an issue number of up to 10,000 units (including 5,000 units for Ukraine and up to 5,000 units for Poland).

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