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Brave Hryvnia: NBU Fundraiser Collects Almost UAH 5 Million in Coins

Participants of the Brave Hryvnia fundraiser initiated by the National Bank of Ukraine have collected almost UAH 5 million worth of coins.

The coin-collecting fundraiser for defense needs lasted three months, from 1 August to 31 October 2022, and covered all of Ukraine. All the funds raised were transferred to the NBU’s special account opened to support Ukraine’s defense forces.

Anyone could donate 10- and 50-kopiika coins and 1-, 2-, 5-, and 10-hryvnia coins to support Ukraine’s defenders through a large network of partner banks:  Oschadbank, FUIB, IBOXBANK, Motor Bank, Industrialbank, Bank for Investments and Savings, Radabank, RwSbank, MTB Bank, Ukrainian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Ukrgasbank, A-Bank, Idea Bank,  Pivdennyi Bank, as well as the COMFY chain store andHollywood shopping mall in Chernihiv.

In addition, anyone willing to donate 1-, 2-, 5-, and 25-kopiika coins, which are not legal tender anymore, could do so by dropping them into boxes in the FUIB branches or the NBU (2а, Kontraktova Sq., Kyiv).  The equivalent of the collected coins has also been transferred to the NBU’s special account.

“We are deeply grateful to everyone formaking their contribution in Ukraine’s victory, even if the contribution is only 10 kopiikas. The war goes on, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine require as much support as they did during the early days of the war. Ukrainians are well aware of that. They continue to unite their efforts to support Ukraine’s defenders, who are fighting on the frontlines,” said NBU Deputy Governor Oleksii Shaban. “We appreciate that children and educational institutions have been so actively involved in this coin-collecting push to protect Ukraine. Some 2,573 educational institutions from all over Ukraine, even from the temporarily occupied territories, participated in the fundraiser. It is inspiring. It gives us strength to fight even harder on the financial frontline for Ukraine’s independent future and the young generation of Ukrainians.”

At the same time, due to missile attacks and power outages, many people were not able to bring their coins to the collection points before the end of the fundraising campaign. Therefore, the NBU together with Oschadbank have decided to continue the coin-collecting campaign: the funds can still be transferred to the special account as part of the Brave Hryvnia initiative through 4 November 2022 (only at the Oschadbank branches).

As previously reported, one of the NBU priorities since the beginning of the full-scale war is raising funds to support Ukraine’s defense forces. On 24 February, the NBU opened a special account to help Ukrainian defenders. Money has been coming in from people and businesses in Ukraine, and from the international community. More than eight months into the full-scale war, over UAH 21.8 billion has been transferred to the account, of which more than UAH 21.3 billion has been allocated by the NBU to meet defense needs.

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