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Charity as a Conscious Choice: NBU Joins Giving Tuesday Global Charity Movement

Charity as a Conscious Choice: NBU Joins Giving Tuesday Global Charity Movement

The National Bank of Ukraine has initiated a series of educational events on the topic of charity as a part of the worldwide initiative Giving Tuesday – an international charity movement that encourages hundreds of millions of people around the world to do good. The Charity School for teachers and the Good Deeds Marathon for educational institutions of Ukraine will run from 21 November to 19 December 2022.

Such initiatives will contribute to building the charity culture among young people and improving the financial literacy of educators who take part in charitable projects.

According to the study Charity in Times of War conducted by Zagoriy Foundation, the charity culture in Ukraine has improved significantly this year. Following this upward trend, 86% of Ukrainians have been involved in charity over the past year, and the average contribution made this year has increased ninefold compared to the last year.

The Charity School and the Good Deeds Marathon projects are designed to make teachers’ charity efforts the most effective as well as to encourage children to do good.

The Charity School is an educational project for teachers organized by the NBU and partner charitable foundations.

 By participating in this event from 21 November to 29 November 2022, the teachers will be able to gain an insight into:

  • how to organize a charity project in an educational institution
  • expert advice from representatives of charity funds
  • interesting cases of charity projects run by teachers of educational institutions
  • a charity giver’s financial skills presented by NBU experts.

The number of participants in the Charity School is more than 1,000 teachers.

The Good Deeds Marathon is an educational initiative where children and young people learn about charity, do good deeds, and share them on social media. The marathon will run from 29 November to 19 December 2022.

For more information, please visit the project’s website:

Partners of the events: Zagoriy Foundation, NGO Vidchui, CF Pomogaem, CF Tabletochki, CF ENJOYING LIFE, CF Sirius, NGO Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group, and Center for Environmental Initiatives Ecoaction.

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