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Ukrainians to Be Able to Exchange Cash Hryvnias for Euros in Netherlands

Ukrainians to Be Able to Exchange Cash Hryvnias for Euros in Netherlands

On 13 June 2022, the NBU and De Nederlandsche Bank signed an agreement that will allow the Ukrainians staying in the Netherlands to exchange cash hryvnias for euros (hereinafter the Agreement).

From 15 June 2022, adults from Ukraine displaced to the Netherlands with a valid Ukrainian passport or ID card and adult citizens of Ukraine who have a foreigner or permanent resident card issued in the Netherlands will be able to exchange their cash hryvnias for euros at the offices of GWK Travelex, which are located throughout the country. All information on the terms of such exchange transactions will be posted on RefugeeHelp, an online platform for the Ukrainian displaced persons staying in the Netherlands.

The Agreement enables hryvnia-to-euro exchange transactions within an established limit of UAH 10,000 in cash. The agreement stipulates that only 100-hryvnia, 200-hryvnia, 500-hryvnia, and 1,000-hryvnia bills will be exchanged (lower denomination banknotes and coins will not be accepted). Significantly worn-out and defective banknotes will not be exchanged.

These transactions will be based on a fixed exchange rate of the hryvnia against the euro that will be set by the NBU. Exchange rate information will be updated every Monday and published on the websites of GWK Travelex and RefugeeHelp.

"We are extremely grateful to our partners from De Nederlandsche Bank for their assistance in organizing the exchange of cash hryvnias for euros in the Netherlands for our displaced people. The NBU is in active talks with the central banks of other partner countries to enable displaced Ukrainians to exchange cash hryvnias for local currencies," NBU Governor Kyrylo Shevchenko emphasized.

As previously reported, the NBU has since the start of the war signed cash hryvnia exchange agreements with Narodowy Bank Polski, Germany’s Deutsche Bundesbank and Federal Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Belgium, Sveriges Riksbank, and the Bank of Italy.

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