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NBU Announces Results of Competition For Best Design of Numismatic Products to Honor Ukraine’s Fight Against Russia

NBU Announces Results of Competition For Best Design of Numismatic Products to Honor Ukraine’s Fight Against Russia

The NBU has announced results of voting for the best design and creative works to honor Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression and started to work on the first of a series of commemorative coins that will tell the world about Ukraine’s heroic resistance against invading Russian forces.


As a result of an open vote for designs of coins to honor the heroic resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression, the highest number of votes received:

In the nomination “Best Design”:

Obverse: In the center is Ukraine’s small coat of arms surrounded by images that symbolize Ukraine’s national unity: people are holding hands tied together with a blue and yellow ribbon.

Reverse: In the center is Ukraine’s small coat of arms and the legend Україна (Ukraine) (above), 2022 (below)

Obverse: An image of a famous Snake Island, on which Ukrainian border guards and soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces confronted with the Russian warship on the first day of the war and the legend: ОСТРІВ ЗМІЇНИЙ (Snake Island) (above), “РУССКИЙ ВОЕННЫЙ КОРАБЛЬ – ИДИ НАХ**Й!” (Russian warship, go f*** yourself) (below)

Reverse: A Ukrainian border guard on duty; Ukraine’s blue and yellow flag on a flagpole; Ukraine’s small coat of arms (below)

Obverse: Against the backdrop of a stylized map are a plane and the legend Україна (Ukraine), Ukraine’s small coat of arms (above)

Reverse: The legendary ace fighter pilot, who shot dozens of Russian fighter jets and Kalibr cruise missiles in air combats over Kyiv; a legend reading Привид Києва (Ghost of Kyiv) (above)

Obverse: Images of a female and two male defenders above a blue and yellow ribbon Below is the legend: Слава Героям! (Glory to the Heroes).

Reverse: A composition depicting the battle between good and evil that is currently raging in Ukraine: Against the backdrop of the blue and yellow map of Ukraine’ is St. Michael the Archangel, a symbol of the good, who is killing the devil, a symbol of evil. Above is the legend: “Світ переможе темряву!” (Light will win over darkness!).

Obverse: A stylized trident surrounded by flowers and ears of wheat; above is the legend: УКРАЇНА (UKRAINE) (above).

Reverse: A symbolic composition that features a woman and a serviceman holding hands against the background of a stylized road; above is the emblem of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, with the legend: МАТИ ГЕРОЇВ (HOMELAND OF THE HEROES) to the left and to the right.

in the nomination “Best Creative Work”:

Description: An image of Ukrainian female guardian, who protects the brave and heroic defenders of Ukraine

Description:  Defenders from different epochs and generations who glorify Ukraine with their bravery and heroism.

Description: a poster invitation to Ukraine’s Bermuda Triangle that “welcomed” ruscists (Russian fascists) and trapped them forever.

Description: A symbolic combination of two images: a woman, as a symbol of Ukraine, and a stork as a symbol of love for parents and homeland, loyalty, happiness, and well-being.

Description: An image of a defender who embodies all of the defenders fighting for and protecting Ukraine like guardian angels

Priority numismatic plans

Having considered all of the designs that were sent to the competition and the results of the public vote, the NBU is starting work on the first of a series of coins that will depict the story of the heroic resistance of Ukrainians to Russian invaders.

“In times of war, Ukrainians demonstrate absolute and unbreakable unity. ”As long as you continue to live in harmony and work and stand together, each for the other and all for one, then no enemy will be able to conquer you,” said Ivan Franko in his novel Zakhar Berkut. Therefore, our coin will be titled “In Unity Strength”. The strength is reinforced by Ukrainians’ unity in their fight against the Russian aggressor, as well as the support provided to Ukraine by the whole world,” said NBU Deputy Governor Oleksii Shaban.

The NBU is planning to reproduce on one side of this coin the design “Unity is Strength”  by Alina Maliuta, which was among the five best designs contesting in the open voting, while the other side will be based on the design “Assistance from Partner Countries”  by Serhii Topkin, who also took part in the competition.

The NBU will reproduce other designs and creative works in numismatic products of Ukraine (commemorative coins, medals, souvenir banknotes, etc.), which will be announced separately.

“We are grateful to all of the artists who participated in the competition and sent their inspirational works.  We are also grateful to everyone who participated in the open vote for designs to create numismatic products to honor our heroic resistance, and to the future undoubted victory of Ukraine,” said NBU Deputy Governor Shaban.

He also added that the NBU wants to continue working with all artists, authors, and designers who wish to co-create the NBU’s numismatic products.

For reference

Almost 3,000 citizens took part in the voting, which was held between 5 and 20 April 2022. Voters could choose from 80 sketches by the 35 designers who participated in the competition.

Both Ukrainian and foreign artists took part in the competition. Contestants also varied by age: young artists Karina Kadeniuk (11 years old), Varvara Pidhaina (10 years old), and Mykola Stepanov (14 years old) entered their works in the competition.

As previously reported, on 15 March 2022, the NBU announced competitive selection of sketches to honor the heroic resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people against russian military aggression.


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