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Oleksandr Zyma Takes Charge of NBU Legal Department

Oleksandr Zyma Takes Charge of NBU Legal Department

After the recruiting procedures and interviews of candidates with the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine, Oleksandr Zyma was appointed Director of the NBU Legal Department on 5 December 2022.

Vladyslav Bednenko, former Director of the NBU Legal Department, continues his work in the Department as Deputy Director – Head of Office of theNBU Legal Department.

The newly appointed Director of the Legal Department is, in particular, responsible for:

  • legal support of the NBU’s activities to effectively ensure the NBU’s fulfillment of its mandate and key functions prescribed by the laws of Ukraine
  • organization and coordination of measures on legal protection of rights and legitimate interests of the NBU in courts and litigation settlement in line with the applicable laws
  • development and implementation of the procedure for drafting and issuing NBU regulations
  • coordination and organization of work on development of legislative proposals, and more.

The Legal Department is part of the General line of command curated by NBU Governor Andriy Pyshnyy.

For reference

Oleksandr Zyma has been working in the legal services industry for over 22 years.

In particular, from 2011 up until his appointment at the NBU, he was in charge of the Legal Department at Oschadbank JSC (Legal Support Department until 2015).

Oleksandr Zyma started his work at Oschadbank JSC in 2001, progressing from Chief Legal Counsel to Director of the Legal Department.

Oleksandr graduated from Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University with a degree in law (Master’s Degree in Law).


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