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Compounded UONIA indicators

The NBU calculates and publishes compounded indicators of UONIA, namely a UONIA compounded index and UONIA compounded average rates calculated for the tenors of one, three, and six months.

UONIA compounded index represents the evolving daily value of a notional instrument that accrues compounded interest on an initial sum starting from the first trade date of calculating UONIA.

UONIA compounded average rates represent the average UONIA for the respective tenor.

Procedure for calculating and releasing compounded UONIA indicators

Compounded UONIA indicators are calculated on daily basis with further release at 10:00 a.m. in the Financial Markets section of the NBU official website.

The NBU calculates and releases compounded UONIA indicators for reference purposes. The NBU and market players can apply compounded UONIA indicators for calculating rates on interest-bearing financial instruments and contracts, however are not obligated to do so.

Should you have any questions, comments, proposals, or complaints concerning any aspects related to determining, calculating and publishing compounded UONIA indicators, you can contact the NBU directly by any means you find suitable. More information on submitting requests is available here.