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Central Banks of Ukraine and Poland to Hold Conference on 20-21 June 2024 in Kyiv

Central Banks of Ukraine and Poland to Hold Conference on 20-21 June 2024 in Kyiv

On 20-21 June 2024, the National Bank of Ukraine and Narodowy Bank Polski will host the 8th Annual Research Conference Navigating the Changing Landscape: Central Banks in a New Normal. This event is being held by the NBU and Narodowy Bank Polski for the eighth year running, except for the forced break in 2022. This year, it will be supported by the USAID Investment for Business Resilience Activity and the International Monetary Fund.

For the first time since 2019, the Annual Research Conference the Annual Research Conference will offer offline sessions in Kyiv.. The first day will feature research sessions that will be held online. The second day will invite to join panel discussions at one of the Kyiv locations, with an opportunity  to follow the conference online.

The Annual Research Conference will traditionally bring together the international expert community. The two-day event will feature speeches by representatives of central banks, financial institutions and leading universities from Ukraine, Poland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Moldova, Lithuania, Canada and other countries. There will also be panel discussions and research presentations.

The conference addresses strategies that central banks can apply to effectively manage the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine, and related current challenges.

During the research panels on the first day of the conference, representatives of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, the central banks of the United States, Canada, Poland, Moldova, and Ukraine, the Bank for International Settlements, the Center for Research on International Economics (CRIE), and Western universities will present research on the following topics:

  • the effects of large and asymmetric shocks on economic development
  • the relationship between monetary policy and financial stability
  • constraints of the monetary policy transmission mechanism
  • the role of fiscal policy in safeguarding macrofinancial stability and
  • innovative tools and new areas of central banking.

Frank Smets, Adviser to the Counsel to the Executive Board at the European Central Bank, will be the keynote speaker on the first day of the conference. Meanwhile, Gita Gopinath, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, will be the headliner on the second day.

The second day of the research event will focus on the practical aspects of macroeconomic policy. There will be three panel discussions: Post-War Recovery through European Integration, On the Road to Recovery: Sanctions, Reparations and the Use of Seized Assets, and Central Banks in a New Normal.

The second day’s speakers include representatives of the IMF, the U.S. Embassy and the EU Delegation to Ukraine, the central banks of Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine, the Ukrainian government, the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the Bruegel Information and Analytical Center, the OGResearch consulting company, and the Kyiv School of Economics. The discussion will be joined by Ukrainian and foreign experts, scholars, professors, and students who actively contribute to the discussion of the NBU’s analytical and research products, and who regularly participate in the research activities of the Ukrainian central bank.

We invite everyone to join the conference online

The conference will be broadcast on the zoom platform. You can register at the following link. The working language is English.

Given the peculiarities of research sessions and the importance of preserving the subtleties of the authors’ presentations, the first day of the conference will be broadcast without simultaneous interpretation. The second day will be broadcast with simultaneous interpretation into Ukrainian.

Information about the program of the event and its speakers is available here.

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