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National Bank of Ukraine Releases the NBU Strategy

National Bank of Ukraine Releases the NBU Strategy

Today the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has released to stakeholders the Strategy of the central bank delineating mid-term goals.

"At present we have a strong foundation to develop the financial system. For the last two years Ukrainian banks won back the public confidence. The NBU has a clear vision and program i.e. we will continue to devote our efforts in ensuring price and financial stability, and together with the financial sector foster the economic growth," noted the NBU Governor Yakiv Smolii, "This vision will be implemented according to seven development directions. Six out of seven goals are external and aim at meeting needs of the financial ecosystem participants. Institutional capacity of the central bank is one of their prerequisites. That is why the seventh, internal goal of the NBU is to become a modern, open, independent, and effective central bank.

The NBU Strategy covers the following goals:

  1. Low and steady inflation.
  2. Stable, transparent, and efficient banking system.
  3. Resumption of lending.
  4. Efficient regulation of financial sector.
  5. Free flow of capital.
  6. Financial inclusion.
  7. Modern, open, independent and effective central bank.

"We have analyzed the needs of the financial ecosystem participants, the ecosystem environment, and trends that will impact the ecosystem in the future. Based on said analysis we have designed the NBU Strategy, which is the roadmap we will follow over the coming years in order to reach the set seven goals," said Yakiv Smolii.

Representative of international financial institutions, embassies, financial market regulators, the banking community, non-governmental organizations, the expert community and the media, officials, as well as the central bank team.

Please be reminded that on 15 March 2018, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the recommendation of the President of Ukraine has approved the appointment of Yakiv Smolii to the position of Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine.

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